How to track Stolen Mobile through IMEI Number (Hindi) (1080p HD)


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How to track Stolen Mobile through IMEI Number (Hindi) (1080p HD)
There are thousands of people who lose their mobile everyday and few more thousands people whose mobiles get stolen. Android mobile can be tracked with apps and without apps as well.

There are lots of ways to locate a phone remotely. Let’s assume you have not got a tracking app installed.

There are some specific apps that help you track lost or stolen mobile phones example anti theft alarm for Windows phone. There are similar apps available for Android phone and iPhone as well.

If you have lost your mobile phone or if it’s stolen, then you can recover it or at least block it if you know the IMEI number of the phone.

Knowing IMEI of mobile cell phone is important because it can help you track, trace or locate your mobile cell phone when lost or stolen. It is compulsory for filling a police report too if your mobile lost in market or other place, So It is always advised to keep IMEI number of mobile safe at some place.

All the mobiles have a unique number in-built. It is written in it by manufacturer and it is a 16 digit number this number is useful when our mobile gets stolen. We can block the mobile handset by using this number.

One thing you can do is to register a complaint at police station, give them your IMEI number this might give you your mobile back.

Just type *#06# on your GSM cellular phone and it will display its IMEI number in most of the Mobile phones. Note it down. It is also printed on the compliance plate of the mobile set.

How IMEI number Works :

Each mobile phone has a unique IMEI number. Whenever a mobile phone is switched on, this IMEI number is sent to Equipment Identity Register database. This database categorizes each phone in one of three categories: while listed, grey listed and black listed.

Your mobile service provider can block any mobile phone by putting its IMEI number in the black list. Once blacklisted, a mobile phone is useless as it cannot be used at all.

Your operator can track the exact location of the mobile phone using its IMEI number using the Global Positioning System, thus helping you find the lost or stolen mobile phone.

What is an IMEI Number

The IMEI number or the International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique number to identify your cell phone (GSM or CDMA) and in some cases, even a satellite phone. It is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone.

Another term which is known as MEID- Mobile Equipment Identifier is same as IMEI but used in case of CDMA phones. MEID numbers are 14 characters long made up of letters and numbers.

Why is the IMEI number important?

It is used to identify valid and also to lock the phones remotely by the service provider in case of a theft reported by the subscriber. Thus it is important and must be kept in a good location. Usually IMEI number is written by the shopkeeper on the bill when buying a new phone.

Now many mobile phone or cell phone trackers have come up. A tracker is a special designed to stay hidden in your phone and send specific information quietly from your phone like an SMS to your friend’s number informing you about the new mobile number and your IMEI number. Phones which have GPS are an added advantage because the tracker will then try and send you the GPS co-ordinates of the thief regularly as an SMS to the other phone.

At last, you need to have ADM turned on Android phones (which is the default setting) and allow it to permission to lock or erase your phone if you trigger it (which is turned off by default). Lastly, your phone needs to be synced to your Google account, and connected to the internet.

If none of the above works

1) First you need to go to the police station in your area and file a FIR that your mobile phone is stolen.
2) Then take the copy of a FIR and IMEI number of your phone and contact the service provider of your phone. They will then help you track the mobile phone location.
3) They will also block the mobile phone, making it useless until it is found. Once you find it, you can request your service provider to white-list it again.
4) This procedure will work even if the SIM card of the phone is changed because all service providers use the same blacklist database.

Note :

1) IMEI is a type of a code number of any GSM mobile handset and unique to a mobile handset all over the Globe.

2) When you contact your mobile service provider to block the mobile phone with its IMEI number, do not forget to ask them to block your SIM too.

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